University of St Andrews Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies

Welcome to HARK

HARK is a research project based under Music Research (Coordinator Bede Williams) and the Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies in the Department of Social Anthropology (Director Huon Wardle). The princpal investigator is Dr Huw Lloyd-Richards.

The vision of the project is to explore the common universal practice of listening. We will begin our explorations in 2017 with listening to MUSIC, and specifically instrumental music. We hope to do this in a highly participative way through working with Active Listening Groups. You can find out more about these groups by clicking on 'Participation in HARK' from the top menu, after you have Registered with us.

If you wish to read more about our focus on MUSIC and share our thinking behind the research please click on 'HARK Vision' once you have registered, and from there you can access the background paper "Ways of Listening".

The HARK project spans other domains of listening which will be developed as research activity as the project develops. These listening domains include: listening to words as sounds and sounds and words; listening to nature and ambient sound and working with 'soundscapes'; listening to made electronic sounds; contemplative listening; and therapeutic listening. The exploration of these domains means that the project will be interdisciplinary. If you have interests in these areas we would be pleased to hear from you.


How to get involved

There are a number of ways of getting involved in the project including participating in a listening group, writing a promo or a program note for a piece of music, writing a review of a live performance and listening to sounds and music from the HARK Archive.

To continue, please register with us by clicking on "Create an account" under the login form.